nálohy 2021

Nálohy 2021, Vinařství S. Lorenz Šaratice

Our selection cuvée from old vines, which supppresses the varietal characteristics and favors the expression of the terroir of the Nálohy vineyard. 

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Residual sugar: 1,2 g/l

Acids: 5,6 g/l

Ryzlink rýnský 2021

Ryzlink rýnský 2021, Vinařství S. Lorenz Šaratice

Riesling harvested at 23 °NM sugar level, which was aged for 10 months on yeasts, which gave it a typical buttery flavor.

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Residual sugar: 0,5 g/l

Acids: 4,6 g/l


Our grand cuvée from old vines of Zweigeltrebe and Cabernet Moravia with reduced yield of grapes. The wine was aged one year in natural oak barrel.

Alcohol: 13,4 %

Residual sugar: 0,0 g/l

Acids: 5,7 g/l



Pinot Noir with intense fruity taste and slight wooden flavours. The wine was matured in a new oak barrel.

Alcohol: 15,0 %

Residual sugar: 0,5 g/l

Acids: 7,5 g/l


Degustation Case of Six

Degustation case contains our full colection of wines of 2021 vintage plus one extra wine from the vintage 2020.


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    In-person collection – free of charge. Any number of bottles can be picked up either  at Zahradní 356, Šaratice, or in  Dolní Břežany (ELI-Beamlines).

    Delivery on the distribution route (Šaratice and surroundings, Luleč, Vyškov, southern part of Brno, highway D1, Prague 4, Prague 11, Prague 12, Prague-Libuš, Prague-Kunratice, Jesenice, Dolní Břežany and surroundings). These are places that we often pass through by car. We deliver for free, but we ask for your patience in arranging the meeting place and time. Minimum amount  is 6 bottles.

    Delivery by courier service (within Czech Republic) – it is possible to order only multiples of 6 bottles (mix of different types of wine is allowed). Shippingand packaging cost is 200 CZK for 1 box (6 bottles) + 100 CZK each additional box. Payment is possible only by bank transfer. We send the order after crediting the payment to the account.


    Wine as a company gift is a suitable form of acknowledgement for your clients or business partners. An extraordinary and unrepeatable wine will express your respect to the partner and encourage the development of further cooperation. Your brand will be then easily remembered in the flood of corporate gifts. 

    If you are interested in company wine, please contact us at vinarstvi@slorenz.cz.

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